Lunch to go

Would you like to provide your employees with delicious meals prepared from quality ingredients based on original recipes? Thanks to the high-quality gastronomic facilities it is possible to produce fresh meals daily following the strictest hygiene standards.


We can pack a lunch to a menu box for your colleagues or family….We put the appropriate portion of the dish in a disposable box immediately after cooking using a special wrapping machine. The packed box is sealed this way, so that there is no loss of nutritional value of the food and the meal stays warm longer. Ideal for direct consumption or to heat up in a microwave if needed. Take it easy from our lunch MENU!


We will prepare lunch to go in the menu boxes for a dispatch in our Air Club Restaurant after a previous arrangement.


Contact: F&B Manager /  Tel: + 420  606 833 713


Our principles:


  •   Fresh and quality ingredients
  •   Carefully selected suppliers
  •   Traditional and modern recipes
  •   Delicious meal for a great price



Šipka doleva Šipka doleva